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I've had the pleasure of working with Celine, she is very professional but friendly, she knows how to get things done with a no BS attitude. She someone you can count on, when it comes to all things rock she's your gal. (Audie Desbrow - Great White)

Celine is one of a kind! She is dedicated to the artist she works for and most importantly very up front and honest ! A rare breed in the music business ! I highly recommend her. (Terry Ilous - XYZ, Great White and solo artist)

‘I’ve known and worked with Celine for many years...she always displays a very professional and respectful line of services as well is a dear friend!’  (Jeff Scott Soto - formerly Malmsteen, Talisman, Journey, Soto... and solo artist)

I highly recommend working with Celine, I have found her to be a very trustworthy and talented person. (Harry Hess - Harem Scarem)

Celine is a great photographer, I've used her live photo's as a part on my promotional pieces. Great person and attitude. I recommend her highly (James LoMenzo - formerly White Lion, Megadeth, Dio Disciples...)

I've done several concerts / Projects with Celine. She has not just a huge personality, she also work very professional, in all she does.... it's a honor for me / us to call her a "friend" and a part of the "Rock im Tal"- Family (Lucky Keller - Rock Im Tal Festival CEO)

Celine is a talented live photographer with an eye for a unique shot. We have worked together on a number of occasions and I wouldn't hesitate to turn to her again for high quality, very competitively priced work. (Richard J. Jones - Owner, WEBspaghetti. Graphic Design for the Music/Entertainment Industries

 In loving memory of Jimi Jamison 


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